Re- appointed as Co-Chairman of the Governor’s Commission on Small Business

August 26, 2011 - Westminster, MD

The Barbour Group’s President Karen Barbour is Re- appointed as Co-Chairman of the Governor’s Commission on Small Business

Term on the Governor’s Commission on Small Business extended in recognition of commitment and dedication to the inclusion and growth of small businesses in Maryland

The Barbour Group, a Maryland-based surety brokerage known for its passionate approach to helping small businesses find bonding solutions, announced today that President, Karen Barbour’s term as Co-Chairman on Maryland’s Governor’s Commission on Small Business (GCSB) has been extended. The extension of Barbour’s term was awarded in recognition of her on-going commitment and dedication to the inclusion and growth of small businesses in Maryland.

"It is an honor to serve and be re-appointed as Co-Chair for the Commission especially as I believe that the Commission is revolutionary in its mission to make it easier for small businesses to make more money in this state by lessening or eliminating necessary barriers to compete in this marketplace,” said Karen Barbour, President of The Barbour Group.

Since being named to the commission in February, Barbour has helped the commission develop sub- committees, including Workforce; Education; Procurement; and Regulatory, in order to identify particular challenges that small businesses are facing and develop solutions to resolve them.

“It is very important that the GCSB work as a team to promote and foster policies and a legislative agenda for the Governor and for small business in Maryland. The extension of Barbour’s position, as the Co-Chairman of the GCSB, will become even more critical as I lead the Commission's and the Department's agenda on Small Business,” said GCSB fellow Co-Chairman, Neil Muldrow.

Originally created by Governor O’Malley in 2010, GCSB is a 26 member Commission, made up of leaders of Maryland based small businesses, the Senate President and the Speaker of the House, the Secretary of Business and Economic Development, the Secretary of Housing and Community Development, the Secretary of Labor, Licensing and Regulation, the Secretary of General Services and the Secretary of the Governor’s Office of Minority Affairs. The objective and goal of GCSB is to engage with communities across the State to hear what entrepreneurs are facing and address the barriers that are impacting their business growth.

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