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The Barbour Group in collaboration with Financial Chakras, a company owned by Ash Shukla, a long-time trustworthy friend and business adviser, wants to announce a new resource for construction owners and key executives.

For anyone that joins our group, your identity will be anonymous and confidential. All questions raised in the chat will be directed to the presenter, Ash, for an appropriate response.

Once you have completed the FREE Wealth Flow Masterclass,* you may opt to join additional classes at a fee. All proceeds will be paid to Financial Chakras. All classes are outlined below:

*Free Introduction to Leadership Flow

A two hour introductory class on Leadership Flow that teaches you how to manage five areas of your life: Health, Relationships, Business, Finance, and Spirituality and how to advance to the VIP Mastermind Forum.  You may either listen to a recorded session or attend a live on-line event.


Advanced Daily Wealth Flow Practice

Take the lessons learned and put them into daily practice to improve clarity, focus, and results in your work-life balance. Learn how to apply the skills taught in the classes to your everyday life and business.?Perfect for employees to executives.


Wealth Mastery Flow Class

Attend a three-day live event with unlimited access to its recording to revisit key components that help you unlock your earning potential.


VIP Mastermind Forum

A one hour daily interdisciplinary open forum focused on honing your skills in conflict resolution, sales, marketing and finance flows, complete with a resource library on specific subjects for continual guidance.


Platinum Membership

Provides custom-fit one-on-one sessions to address your company’s specific needs in any format that is amenable to you.

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For more information or to meet with Ash, please see his contact information below:

410-493-3358 Cell

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Meet Ash Shukla

Ash Shukla is a holistic business consultant and founder of Financial CHAKRAS. He came to the U.S. in 1989 with just $20 and no knowledge of English whatsoever. After more than two decades working as a successful planner, Ash decided to explore speaking and training consulting. Today, he is an Amazon best-selling author of Sell Like Crazy, a book that changed millions of lives. He will soon publish his fifth book, Financial CHAKRAS. Ash has personally helped more than 5,000 business owners and entrepreneurs, taking their ventures to more than seven figures in revenue. He is a sought-after keynote speaker and received a Congressional Honor for his work in helping small businesses.