New Clients/Bonds

Online Contract Bond Portal for Projects up to $60 million


Our Online Bond Portal is the quickest route to approval for your bond need. Depending on the size of your desired bond program, the process can be as easy as submitting an application. For larger bond limits, financial information will be required. Enter our portal using the button below and navigate to your desired tier to see the requirements.

TBG’s Exclusive Hensel Phelps Bond Program

The Hensel Phelps Head Start Program is an exclusive program brokered through TBG and RLI Surety. You can also read directly from Hensel Phelps’ about the goal of the Bonding Assistance Program by clicking here.

Initiated by TBG to help Hensel Phelps manage capacity building for its subcontractor base in the Mid-Atlantic Area. Now with nationwide reach, it is secured by a dedicated partnership with an A+ AmBest rated Surety Company to guaranty bonding for enrolled applicants. To date the program has enabled approval for bonded contracts in excess of $160 million and growing with no claims.  Click here to access the program’s brochure and here to access the application or use our online bond portal linked below.

For the most recent news about the Hensel Phelps Bond Program Click Here.

Maryland Home Improvement Commission (MHIC) Surety Bonds

We have an MHIC program where bonds are approved based on personal credit (soft pull). Discharged Bankruptcies are acceptable. Credit scores as low as 550 can be considered. MHIC Bonds come in two amounts and are for two years: $30,000 or $100,000.

Please, select the application link to download and complete the form and then:  email your application to

Other Surety Bond Needs

Business Services

This bond provides protection for your business if one of your employees steals from a home or business location of a client.


Is required by the IRS of any business that provides its employees with a 401(k), Profit Sharing or Pension Plan. Ten percent of the plans assets must be covered by a bond.


Serves as a guarantee that a business will comply with laws and regulations put in place by a municipality or governing body. Businesses may be required to have a License and/or Permit Bond in order to operate in specific cities or states.

Notary Bonds

This bond is required in various states. The bond, will fulfill all obligations to protect the public from financial harm resulting from any wrongdoing on your part when performing notarial duties.

Public Official Bonds

Guarantees that an appointed or elected official will comply with the regulations set before them. This type of bond is typically required of someone that handles public funds.


Miscellaneous Surety bonds are those that do not clearly fall within the scope of all other categories.