4 Ways to Find a Great Partner for Government Contracting
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Building Reputation Builds Business for 2 Successful Women
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10 Steps to Capture Additional Bonding
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Surety Requirements 101: Best Practices to Guarantee Bonding
As the competition becomes smarter, construction firms must position themselves financially to capture surety support in order to grow organically or through partnering with large firms. Fine-tuning this strategy is critical in the current marketplace, especially given the increasing amount of requests for proposals (RFPs) that are being issued with small businesses in mind. (No longer in circulation. Copy provided upon request.)

How a Grass Roots Effort Can Affect Change in the FAR: New Far bon guidelines for term contract - 1997
Karen led a team of industry leaders and met with Samuel J. "Chip" Morris, then Associate General Counsel of GSA that led to a FAR change. Five-year term contracts as a result became annually renewable allowing for annual bonds to be posted versus one bond for all five years. This change open doors wide for small business to compete for such contracts. "Karen later pursued the GSA in hopes that a FAR committee would be established within GSA to explore the benefits of changing term contract bond provisions. In October, such a committee was established and initiated by Edward Loeb [Director of Federal Acquisition]. In December, FAR Part 26 - Bond and Insurance, section 28.102-2 was amended." (No longer in circulation. Copy provided upon request.)